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Face-to-face counselling

Face to face counselling

Get the best support without the price tag. Our therapeutic counsellors provide free one-on-one support with sessions that are tailored to you. They’ll help change the way you think about gambling, so you’ll be more in control.

Sessions include:

  • Understanding gambling triggers, addiction and why you gamble
  • Strategies to help you resist urges to gamble
  • Family counselling and planning sessions

Benefits of counselling:

  • Strategies to manage cravings and stress
  • New behaviours and thought patterns to support healthier habits
  • Improved social and emotional wellbeing
  • Help with rebuilding relationships
  • Building a support network

Get the techniques and ongoing support to reduce your gambling or overcome the urges for good. Start by booking a free appointment with one of our counsellors. What have you got to lose?

Call 1800 858 858 – 24/7 for immediate support or to book a free and confidential session.

Why not let us call you. It’s free and confidential. Request a call back now.

Gambler’s Help counselling services also extend to the family and friends of those who gamble.

Gambler's Help services are available in over 100 locations across Victoria.

In-language counselling services are available for Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese- speaking communities. Some other languages are also available by request.

95% of people felt better emotionally or psychologically after speaking to Gambler’s Help.*

*Based on 2019–20 Gambler's Help Objective Outcomes data where 95% of clients who set an objective of ‘Emotional and/or Psychological’ felt they had ‘met’ or ‘partially met’ their objective at case closure.