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First Nations Gambling Awareness Program


Most people in First Nations communities play the pokies or have a bet without any trouble. But for some people, gambling causes money problems, stress and arguments in the family.

If you are worried about gambling talk to someone you trust about your worries. Some First Nations organisations have gambling workers you can yarn with – to find them click here.

To learn more about our approach to working with First Nations communities, visit the Strategic directions page of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation website.

The factsheets on this page have some good information about dealing with a gambling worry. You can read them online or print them to share with others.


What is online gambling?

Learn why online gambling is riskier than traditional gambling, and how to make it less risky. Also, what to do instead when you feel the urge to gamble.

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Know someone who bets?

Learn about the ways you can help someone who has a problem with gambling. First Nations health worker can give you tips to support the person you care about.

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Keeping kids safe

Keep your child safe by letting them know that betting means losing money and it is riskier in real life than the ads and video games make it seem.

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Do you play pokies to escape?

Learn about activities that can give you the ‘happy’ feeling you get from pokies without costing a cent. You might even save some money.

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Sick of being broke?

If you are finding it hard to manage money a financial counsellor can help you get on top of your money worries. Call 9419 3300 for an appointment.

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First Nations organisations can help

If you want to yarn, there are First Nations organisations with gambling workers who can help you to get control of your gambling

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Banning yourself from online gambling

Learn about all available options of reducing online gambling such as: deposit limit, account alerts, etc. or ban yourself from online gambling altogether.

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