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Do you play pokies to escape?


Lots of people play the pokies for fun. Sometimes, people play to forget their worries.

If you feel sad, lonely or shamed by something, you might think having a press will help you feel better.

But even if you win sometimes, you’ll lose more money in the end.

You have more chance of winning an Olympic Gold Medal than top prize at the pokies!

Better ways to get that ‘happy’ feeling

Other things can give you the ‘happy’ feeling you get from pokies without costing a cent. You might even save some money.

Have a yarn with someone

It can really help if you’re feeling down.

Catch up with family for a cuppa or a yarn on the phone.

You can always call Gambler’s Help on 1800 858 858 for a yarn. You can call any day, any time.

Exercise makes you feel happier

Even just a walk in a park or down to the shops.

It makes your heart pump and clears your head.

Doctors say getting outdoors and moving makes people happier and healthier.

Get into the bush

It’s good to get out into the bush or have a BBQ by the river with family.

Being with family and yarning can make life feel a lot better.

Drop in on your local co-op or gathering place

They have social groups and cultural activities. Find out what’s going on and join in.

They can connect you with health services if you need them.

Ask friends or family to get out and get active with you!

Strong, healthy First Nations communities need strong, healthy people.

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