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Keeping kids safe


All the TV ads about betting on sport can make young people think having a bet is OK. And Facebook and phone apps can make it easy for them to bet.

Some video games also have betting as part of the game, but you don’t bet with real money. They can make winning seem easy.

Losing money

Let your child know that betting in real life is riskier than the ads and video games make it seem.

Tell them that betting means losing money.

Be aware of problems

Is your child lonely or bullied? They might think betting on a phone is a fun way to forget their problems.

But it can add a big new problem.

Look out for:

  • sudden changes in how much money they have
  • changes in how much they sleep
  • talking less to you and their friends
  • talking a lot about betting

Have a rule at home: no mobile phones in bedrooms. Only have them in the family areas. Explain that it is to keep them safe online. Be a good role model.

Talk with them about fun things to do:

  • join a sports team
  • catch up with family
  • learn something new

Help them learn about their culture – it will keep them strong.

Pokies and betting

Pubs and clubs are good for cheap meals with the family. But many also have pokies or betting, which aren’t good for kids.

If the adults are having a press or a bet, talk with your kids about the risks. They might think that doing these things always means winning.

Explain that pokies and betting can:

  • be big time and money wasters
  • mean there’s not much left to pay for food
  • cause arguments in the family

If you go to a club or pub with kids, keep them away from pokies and betting.

If you can find a club or pub that doesn’t have them, that would be a safer place for the family to have a meal.

Or grab some takeaways and go to the park.

Listen to your kids

Your kids might know an adult who is having trouble with pokies or betting.

Let them talk about how they feel. They might be worried or sad. Let them know it’s not their fault if an adult is having trouble with gambling.

Download our flyers on keeping kids safe here and here.