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Know someone who bets?


If you are close to someone who has a problem with pokies or betting, there are ways you can help them. It is also important that you look after yourself.

Show support

Tell them you care about them and want to help.

Be calm when you are talking about their betting.

You can’t fix their problems. But you can stand by them as they try to work it out.

Look after your money

Someone with a problem with pokies or betting usually has problems with money.

Be careful their money troubles don’t hurt you.

It will help if you:

  • don’t lend them cash but buy them food or petrol instead
  • don’t pay their debts
  • don’t share a bank account with them
  • don’t lend them your EFTPOS card or tell them your PIN.

Help for you

Talk to someone you trust about your worries.

Do things that make you feel well and happy.

Spend time with people you love.

Tell a First Nations health worker about the problem. They can give you tips to support the person you care about.

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