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Gambling addiction — what is it?

What is problem gambling?

Problem gambling is when betting starts to create trouble in your life, such as debt, relationship problems, job loss, stress or depression, or it gets in the way of other responsibilities in your life.

These problems arise because gambling can be addictive – it can become a habit that you find hard to control, even though you know it’s causing you and your family harm.

What is gambling addiction?

The word ‘addiction’ gets casually thrown around, especially on social media. People even joke about being an ‘addict’.

But ‘addiction’ is a clinical term. That means it’s a diagnosis that can only be made by a healthcare professional who would follow up with a treatment plan.

We advise against using an internet survey to diagnose yourself as an ‘addict’.

But if you’re asking a question about addiction, it shows that you’re worried about your gambling. Perhaps you think of your gambling as a problem you’re not sure how to solve.

Are you wondering whether you have a gambling problem?