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Harm from gambling –

Harm from gambling isn’t just about losing money. Gambling can affect self-esteem, relationships, physical and mental health, work performance and social life. It can harm not only the person who gambles but also family, friends, workplaces and communities. It can happen to anyone, at anytime – and it starts earlier than you think.

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The effects of gambling

You might not be aware of the emotional effects of gambling, which many people experience no matter how much or how often they bet.

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Check your gambling

Take this quiz to discover if you are experiencing harm from your gambling.

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How to reduce your gambling

Follow these practical tips to help ensure that gambling doesn't sneak up on you.

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Gambling harm podcast: Is your gambling harmful?

* Based on the 2015 Gambler’s Help client outcomes survey. 65.4% of surveyed clients indicated improved relationships with their partner, family, work mates and/or friends at a three month follow up survey.