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Gambling Harm Awareness Week – 7-13 October 2019

Anyone can experience the negative effects of gambling and it’s not something we openly talk about.

Over time, the effects of gambling can build up and affect how you feel. It’s not just about money, gambling can affect our self-esteem, relationships, physical and mental health.

That’s why Gambling Harm Awareness Week is focused on the theme TALK. SHARE. SUPPORT.

Talking and sharing the effect gambling is having on you, or someone close to you, can make you feel better.

Supporting each other can make a difference – the best support you can give someone is to listen.

Here are some real life stories of people who’ve opened up and talked about the effects they were experiencing and got the support they needed. Now they share their story with you.

Mario's story

“I’m a lot happier. It was the best thing I ever did.” – Mario, eight years of not gambling on sport, now calls himself a proper tradie and business owner.

Anna's story

"Having the support of others was essential and I wouldn’t have done it without them”. Anna lost 10 years of her life to the pokies and now shares her story of hope.

Bayu's story

“I opened up to a friend about my gambling. The compassion and receptiveness she showed me, ignited my desire to change.” University student, Bayu, shares how talking helped him on the path to recovery.

Ken's story

“Find somebody you love, that you trust, and sit them down and tell them. I should’ve done it years ago.” Ken’s gambling led to a prison sentence, but he counts himself lucky to have a supportive family.

Lynda's story

"When I finally stopped, it was almost like a weight had been taken off my shoulders." Lynda quit the pokies to play a more active role in her grandson’s life.

Sunenna’s Story

“You’re not alone and help is available.” Sunenna says many people think their story is unique, but there are lots of people fighting similar battles.

Chandana's story

“You don’t need to keep it to yourself.” Chandana was shocked to find out about her partner’s gambling. She says that without the help of others, she could never have rebounded so quickly.

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Families and friends

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