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Adam's story

I'm addicted to gambling. I started off when I was 22. I'm now 37 and still struggle to not gamble.

My worst decision was to gamble $24,000 that I had saved to get married at 28. A decade of saving and I blew it trying to chase my losses.

Never got married. The girlfriend looked into my eyes and left me for someone more upbeat. This is still hurting me 9 years later, knowing, I will be lonely until I give up.

Decided to approach every casino to self-ban so they won't let me in. But now online gambling is so easy.

Feel like I've let everyone down. It's like a voice in my head that gets louder and louder, then the smallest trigger and like a shot, I'm playing roulette

Every day is a regret of what could have been. Mentally I've lost confidence. Roulette is my vice, I just wish I had listened to the advice of my loved ones.

My goal is to stop but I say it every day and still go play tier numbers and 28 & 29. The house always wins if u play it long enough.

Wish me luck.