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Ann's story

I have been a gambler for more than 30 years. It started as fun then developed into a serious sickness - an addictive disease which had totally crippled me. When pokies were first introduced to Victoria back in 1991 my gambling was fairly controlled but over the years it spiraled out of control.

I lived a double-life, making excuses all the time for our financial difficulties, and lived daily with shame and guilt – my self-esteem was at an all time low. My health deteriorated and I suffered anxiety and depression due to serious addictive gambling. Over the years I had abstained from gambling for a week or two at a time, but would always cave in when the urges were too overwhelming.

My life turned around on 24 June 2018 after watching the 100 Day Challenge ad on TV. I have been gambling free since then – 57 days – and I'm more determined than ever.

My strength and focus has been largely due to the 100 Day Challenge community. We are all anonymous and not judged. It is a forum where our stories are shared, warts and all, and we can share our utter desperation and despair, when we are at our lowest point and realise we are not alone. Many in the community share similar stories and over the weeks we have shared our challenges, successes, plans for the day, plans for the week, hiccups or falling off the wagon, emotional battles, returning to Day 1. again but giving it another go, encouraging each other, supporting, inspiring positive living and so much more. It has been my go-to place whenever I felt the urge to gamble.

There are now 70 pages of stories, support, ideas, hints, inspiration, and my life has completely changed for the better. I am now living a free, happy, content, fulfilling, wholesome and financial life – gambling free.