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Brett's story

I started gambling since I was 19 years old, and stopped gambling when I turned 28 years old.

Now I’m 40 and haven’t gambled since. I was gambling mainly on slot machines. Looking back over those years, regardless how much I earned, somehow my money would find its way to gambling; I had a few high wins, lots of losses and I kept chasing losses.

The turning point came when my ex-girlfriend left me due to my gambling and zero net worth. She was working and owned investment property, she had managed her money well. Fast forward to today, I’m working, married with two young kids and my wife works too.

We own our home and have investment property as well, I pay myself $120 for food and petrol a week, the rest of the money goes straight to the mortgage. Life is so much better without gambling, I have lots of time with family and not thinking of gambling, my mind is in the right place.

It’s better to stop gambling now than wait next year, the year after or ten years later. I still see my colleague gambling every day on horses, when he wins he is so happy, but when loses he is in a bad mood.

No one can force you to stop but the choice is yours.