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Chris's story

Gambling is the worst thing I have ever done and I'm still doing it. 

I'm now 42 and I've been gambling for the last 10 years. I use to get upset when I lost $20 at the pub with mates but now I could press $20 in two hits at the pokies. I have lost over $350,000 on the pokies, I'm bankrupt, on the verge of losing my partner and kids. 

I feel ashamed, angry at myself and I think of doing something silly every time I lose money. I lie every day to my partner about where I'm going and what I'm doing just so I can play the pokies. My partner will eventually leave me because of this problem and I will not only lose her but my kids too. 

I think gambling should be classed as a drug even though we don't smoke it, shoot it up or snort it, it does more damage to millions of people's lives and the government doesn't care. All they worry about is making money for the economy and gambling is the biggest money maker for them. 

I hope that one day that people will fight to ban gambling or reduce the betting limits to $1 for everything. This will still let problem gamblers play the pokies or bet without losing too much money. 

Also, have a time limit on how long you can gamble in one area. Maybe have a personal code and i:d requirements for gambling in the pubs and clubs. 

I know that this is still bad but we gotta start somewhere. 

Overall gambling is responsible for suicides, robbery, assaults, domestic violence, relationship breakdowns, loss of jobs, loss of house ( mortgages), mental health breakdowns, drug use, general health and wellbeing. 

There are still plenty more things I could mention, but I hope that if your reading this you think twice about gambling. 

And remember, before you gamble you are most likely to lose, not only your money but maybe your house, family, kids, car and your life. 

Please don't gamble...please it's not worth it...