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Chris's story

I have always been the smart one, gambling is for hopeless people who believe in luck rather than hard work so I thought. It all started when I lost my job, I used my savings to open up a restaurant but due to insufficient experience it failed and I was in debt. I turned to gambling, thinking I was smart and could beat the system. 

It worked and then I thought why not make a little extra and maybe make a career out of this? I had my formula all written down and a plan that worked, but then I got greedy and it was a free fall. I lost all my money including my winnings, sold some of my belongings and lost it again and I was still in debt. 

I've contemplated suicide but it's just money I lost, there are still things to live for. I'm angry with everyone right now, angry with my mother for birthing me without my permission, angry with my friend for always telling me about this and that. Why was I born, I ask myself, I didn't ask to be born just to suffer.

I calculated I got it right, but the minute I go out of line I lose everything cos I always get greedy and chase my losses. I lost almost 20k just this morning, not including my winnings. I scraped some money, my last, starting again with my new formula of not chasing losses and not being greedy. Hopefully, it works. I'm not as smart as I thought after all.