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Clifford's story

I don’t gamble. Except when I call one of the morning tv shows to leave my name, phone number address etc, in order to win $10,000 by answering their call (which of course never happens).

I have stopped that now and have had my phone/wifi company put a block on those calls. I also used to buy lottery tickets (and even ‘charity win a car’ tickets). Nothing ever came of those either so now I NEVER gamble.

I even refuse to even have a credit card, as something may come up where I cannot pay off what I have spent within 55 days. There are so many types of gambling. Some may call it risk taking. However, ‘gambling’, in whatever form, is an ‘addiction’. Or it can easily become one, and an extremely destructive one. Best to stay RIGHT AWAY FROM ANY FORM OF GAMBLING. That’s my philosophy now.