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Daniel's story

The worst thing that happened to me was I won a jackpot of $600. From there on I was addicted to video lottery and casino, losing likely triple what I had made.

I told myself I have a problem. I told myself I’d quit. But it’s like a bad relationship you can’t get out of. You go back and try it again thinking you’re in control, win a little, then next thing you know you’ve blown hundreds of dollars and you hate yourself.

I’ve kicked the habit of smoking, I’ve kicked the habit of drinking, but nothing compared to how difficult it is to kick the gambling habit.

If you so happen to be reading this, remember that only the casino wins. It reaps off the poor and takes advantage of those that are hooked and have that false hope that they’d win big and be able to free themselves of other problems. 

The only road gambling leads to is pain and suffering. Don’t be misled by small gains that come with huge losses.