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Daniel's story

I sit here as a 21-year-old currently in recovery and wish I’d never placed that first bet. You think one bet is harmless when the truth is it’s the start of a downwards spiral. I’d work all week to get my pay and blow it all in a matter of hours, week after week. 

I became so addicted that I lost the appreciation for money and the people around me, you don’t realise it in the beginning but before you know it you’re up until sunrise relying on your bet to win in order to make it through the week.

My one piece of advice to anyone is don’t do it, whilst you think it may be a bit of fun with your mates it’s not, it’s a trap that if not stopped then, will grow on you. You get a rush and then all of a sudden you find yourself addicted, in a lot of debt and constantly having regrets day in day out, thinking if I could only turn back time.

Checking in with your mates is so important, addicts are so good at putting on a face that makes everything seem okay, they’ll lie their way out of things, do things in a way that makes things seem normal, when truly it’s not, take that from someone who’s been there.

In Australia every second advertisement is the promotion of gambling, every street has an advertisement of some sort whether that be a sign, billboard, shop advertisement, it’s everywhere, it consumes you without you even realising.

Don’t download that app, don’t head to the pokies, spend time with family, do what you’re known to love and enjoy the life you have.