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Dave's story

It started with betting 30 cent spins a year ago; when these pokies were paying out I would get the 3 gold coins drop to get the feature all the time winning small.

Then I noticed other players around me playing 150 hits and winning so that was me. I won many times; the payouts from features were to good to be true I lost but over time the machines slowly dried up not only at my local but further a field the free games weren't paying out so I play 3 dollar hits and now the wins are nothing but loses either the machines have been set to payout low or too many new people have been drawn in to play them.

I wasn't addicted to sinking my wages into pokies when I first started playing them, they turned me into a addict, so God help I will not go this this week and stay away from the pubs ... PS after reading a story where a guy addicted to playing these evil machine lost everything dying in head-on collision due to playing often till the early hours then getting behind the wheel to make his living. God help me that's what I've been doing.