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Desiree's story

I had everything I wanted.
I had the best life ever.
Also had the best boyfriend ever.

I was very good at spending money, to the point where my savings were crazy good at the age of 22.

I always partied, went out with friends did fun regular stuff a pretty girl would do.
I had the newest Benz, at just 22 years old.
My own Luxury apartment.
You name it.

I started gambling, playing blackjack.
I was losing, but my boyfriend would always give me the money back I’d lose.
He didn’t know I had a gambling problem, he’d think I’d be out with my friends drinking, whole time I’d be at a local casino in California.
It started getting worse and worse,
Losing 7k in a night..
The most in a day was 20k…

I am now 24 years old, and lost everything.
I have no car,(due to an accident) just an apartment im damn near about to lose.

I’ve tried getting help, but gambling addiction is honestly very embarrassing to say.
I started borrowing money from friends, doing shady things just to get money to go gamble,
I’ve lost 3 good friends and my boyfriend that I stated earlier, because I was too addicted.
All I wanted to do was gamble.
I’d even be in a casino 24 hours same clothes same makeup!
I look back and it’s crazy embarrassing.
Because you wouldn’t expect it from a regular pretty girl.

If you’re reading this,
Don’t start.
You’ll win in the beginning, and your wins won’t weigh out your losses.
I know it’s much more to life, and I’m ready for my change 2024
Although I’m legit starting from scratch, I know I will never look back.
I hope I can start over I am 24, turning 25 and I hope I can get another chance at life.