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Frank's story

I’m 28 years old, well educated and have been a consistent gambler on sports and racing for about 6 years.

For about the first 4 1/2 years I gambled only on markets that I was guaranteed to win (using bookmaker promotions and covering all possible results). Over that time I was progressively banned by online bookmakers for ‘abusing’ their promotions. The more bookmakers that banned me the more my profits diminished until I no longer had enough of a mathematical edge to match the amount of time I was spending on it.

For the last 18 months I’ve been trying to maintain the edge I once had through other means (data analytics, following professional gamblers, etc.) as well as gambling on markets that I ‘feel’ like I have an advantage. It’s not possible. The irony is that I know the maths of gambling inside and out; I know it’s geared for me to lose and yet I still cannot give it up because I’m too proud to admit that I’m losing. I constantly lie to myself about how well I’m doing.

I’ve lost a lot. At this rate i’ll have lost everything in no time at all. I’m hoping this post is the start of a positive change for me. The emotional roller coaster is just not worth it.