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George's story

I have a gambling problem but I can’t admit it. I am 33 this year. I have been gambling every single day since I was 19.

Honestly I don't even know how I do it. I work 12 hour days, I have 2 girls and a beautiful partner. My partner and I gambled together. At the beginning there wasn't any harm and we both worked. My parents would take the kids all the time, they loved the girls more than me.

The gambling would only be a social thing. Eventually it leads to borrowing money Lies, credit cards, selling personal items. Promising myself one day I’ll buy it all back. When's that? When I have a decent win. Arguing. Blaming god.

Eventually she left, blaming me for everything. Now I have more of an excuse to go. Why? Cause I’m lonely and depressed. I have lost round 300k in 14 yrs. I also have a 600k mortgage. I couldn't even make it to work today because I spent 8 hours of gambling last night.

I wish I could stop and have a normal life. I keep telling myself it's just numbers. I'll make it back. I am still young. Nothing goods comes out of it. From my personal experience this is what you get. Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Feeling sorry for yourself. Missing out on your love ones. Wasted time. Health problems. Bad attitude towards others. Hating your job also losing your job. Going out with no money. It's so embarrassing. Behind in bills. Digging out coins to buy food. Losing all self-confidence. Am hoping someone can help me cause I can't help myself.