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Horrible strategic gambler's story

It all started one day when I walked through the casino in Melbourne after having lunch with a friend.

Unknowingly, I walked past a roulette table, the dealer looked at me and asked, 'Do you want to play?' I said 'Yes ok, I don't know how to play, can you show me?' I had $10 in my pocket which gave me two $5 chips. I was winning! Adrenaline was rushing through my body, the excitement was unbearable, I had no idea what I was doing but I was winning! After 30 minutes, I walked away with $300.

I didn't go into another casino for months until one day ... I decided to have lunch at the casino during my lunch break. After my meal I walked through the table games. I thought 'I'm going to try this game, $50 won't hurt.' I sat there and watched the other players scatter their chips over the table. I was amazed at how they were winning. I used my $50 on a $5 table and won $1000! I walked out, but then I kept coming back for more.

One day a month would turn into once every two weeks to every week, to almost everyday. I was just so in love with this game! I started to study the wheel and look at the statistics of the numbers. It was like I was in a math class. I would sit there for hours and figure out what number will come up next. Sometimes it worked. For 6 months straight, I found myself going to the casino every week. By that time, I realised I had become a platinum member.

I was behind on rent, bills, sometimes I wouldn't go to work and call in sick to stay at the casino. My life started to spiral down. Gambling was affecting my relationship with my husband. I'd have big wins. I mean massive wins, due to my 'strategic number plan' then I would leave but then I would come back and put most of it back to try and win more because I thought I could. Whenever I left the casino I would always have urges to go back. I even dreamed of the wheel! I felt like I was in love with roulette.

A year later I realised I spent thousands on this game. I lost my home, I now have a rent debt of thousands. I have children who depend on me. I stopped being the loving mother I'm supposed to be.

I started applying for loans and applying for loans against my goods to finance my gambling habit. I even started lying to my friends and family to get money in order to gamble. Gambling has ruined my life. I have found Gamblers Anonymous extremely helpful. I look at myself in the mirror everyday and think, 'You are worth more than this, don't allow gambling to destroy you.'