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Hussein's story

My gambling addiction started when I was 20. I used to gamble on football accumulators, chasing that big win and betting on six teams to win. One day, I had won $5000 from an accumulator and most people would be over the moon but this completely destroyed my life!

I used the winnings to play roulette and I managed to get my winnings up to $34,000 in one night from spinning $600 a go. What happened the next night was devastating, I lost all $34,000 in an hour.

This led to depression as I kept it to myself and didn’t let anybody know. Do not gamble, it's not worth it. The house always wins, no matter what. I just regret getting into this whole cycle, if only I could turn back time!

You live and learn from your mistakes; I really hope this helps anyone suffering from gambling.