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Jacky's story

I picked up gambling when I started working at the age of 18. Casinos, sports betting, slot machines, you named it, I did it. I wasted ten years of all my salary on gambling. I then realized I had to change and I went to work abroad. I still remembered that my mother purchased my flight ticket as I had no money.

Things turned out great for the next two years. I made some really decent money, more than the average working class, and certainly more than I had anticipated for myself. I made an income 100 times more than what I have earned previously. I was in perfect shape, I bought properties, I had decent savings, and marriage was the next thing. I got married to a beautiful angel and we were happy.

Unfortunately, I started to gamble again. Since I made some good money, the stakes just got bigger. As a problem gambler, I visited the casino daily. Sometimes I won $50,000 to $100,000 dollars a night. This went on and off for two years and finally I lost everything; my investments and savings were all gone and I accrued some very large debts with friends and families. The amounts add up to a sum where I think it’s impossible to pay off by simply working, unless a miracle happens.