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Jamie's story

So lets started from the beginning..

When I was younger, some people who I won't name or discuss used to go into the local shop and buy lottery tickets where they could possibly win some money, it might be a quick tenner, twenty.. you never know. Most of the time they lost.

As the years passed, when I was about 15/16 years old I would ask if they could get me one, since you know they only cost about $1 or something.

The thrill of the possible life changing amounts that could be inside of this paper ticket got a hold of me in someways.. I always went by the notion that if you buy four, you're guaranteed a winner since your chances are 1 in 4. Sitting here writing this just makes me feel silly. 

When I gained full time employment at 19 years old, in a good job, on the night shift and what not.. I would buy the odd scratchie before I'd go to work, with the possible imagination if you had that top prize, you wouldn't go to work that night. 

I did this for a couple of months or so and got bored because I'd have to walk from the shops to work which was about 15 mins. Then I joined a betting site to gamble for whatever reason. I started playing those online slots, started small about 40c slots and would win about $30 from it. It made me feel so good like I was winning.

I had such a good experience from these wins that I kept gambling on this site. Hoping that I would win big, I would end up putting bigger stakes on these slots.

During this time my downfall happened, I couldn't be happy with what I won, I wanted more and more.. I would chase losses and go to the next bonus hoping it would help and it would pay out but really it never did. Whatever I won I would sink back into gambling hopefully to win big... I lied to my family where my money went.. borrowed money via loans and those loans went straight back into gambling and I lost every single penny to it.

I found that my reason for gambling (and maybe possibly others I'm not sure if its just me) is that working most days is so draining and the thought of working every day for the rest of your life is just really stressful. Why work when you can win a shed ton of money! (Jokes this does not happen).

I've been free from gambling for about approx 1-2 hours and I feel like writing this could help me in a way.This might not help other people but I think together, we can help each other through our troubles.

Gambling in my opinion is a drug. A little gamble is a high and boosts you up. About 3 hours ago, I was buzzed because I gained funds to help me through the month.. it took me about an hour to lose it all, I just thought next bet will win but it never did.

I believe that I can stop gambling and I will try my best to, if you're facing gambling problem.. please stop now and write your story on how it became bad since you don't know it might help.