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Jason's story

During 2015/16 I had a huge love for gambling. I never usually won or got lucky before my addiction happened.

It all started the middle of 2015 when I came across first bet deposit bonuses with every bookie, a friend of mine taught me the use of arbitrage gambling.

I would use the deposit and back both sides in a game or match through 2 different bookies. I signed up accounts to about 20 different bookmakers. I made around 5k, the only issue was I had exhausted all avenues to take advantage of their system.

This is where my addiction started.

About February 2016 I decided to back greyhounds on a market of odds vs evens. I would start with $2 and place money on the highest paying whether it be odds or evens. Every race I lost I would double the bet and start over. I would do this every day for months and it worked!

I managed to profit over 20k over 2 months...but here's where the catch came in. Each race I lost would cost me a lot of money. I remember saying to myself that I just want to get to 22k and I’m done with all gambling.

In April 2016 I had one day to forget. 14 races in a row went against me. My luck had run out and I lost around 20k in just over 3 hrs.

Over the next few months I was chasing the losses and blowing away pay check after pay check. Fortnightly pays were sometimes gone in 2 days after I was paid.

And the gambling makes you a liar. I tried to stop for months but I was still repeating my gambling process. I needed help but didn't want to admit it.

I went on for another month getting a 20k credit card, over a couple of weeks the card was maxed out. I had hit rock bottom and decided to call a good friend of mine. I told him everything and he explained I would have to tell my parents of everything that was going on to fix the problem.

Before I did this, I went for a long drive, over 2 hours. I drove into a quiet park and thought for an hour about what to do. I decided I was going to get help. I rang up Gamblers Help and they set me up with a counsellor who I would see once a week.

After the phone call, I drove home and braced for everything knowing I just had to tell my mother.

It was one of the toughest conversations I have endured with her. At first, she was extremely angry and disappointed. She died off for a day and came back and reached out to help me.

6 months of counselling later I hadn’t made a bet and things were looking good. I had left my horrible old job and started something new. Another 2 years passed, and I still did not have a single bet.

Here's where things change a bit. About a 3 weeks ago I put on a couple of small bets, and then it niggled at me that I lost those bets. I wanted to get my money back. I did a few hundred-dollar bets with cash I made from tools I sold. The bet ended up going from a winning position to making my money back to losing in the dying seconds.

I couldn't handle the closeness of how close I came to making my money back. I then blew another 2k on a tennis bet at the French Open for Nadal to win in straight sets. Silly me went from a casual $100 bet to $2800 straight handed over to the bookies.

This is my second day after to reflect on it. Not a proud moment of mine and I regret to say I failed myself again. I am keen to move on and start building my bridge up away from gambling again.

For anyone who doesn't want to call because they're afraid to open up about mistakes gambling has caused you, Gamblers Help can change your life. They are the most understanding people and expert in dissecting your issues around gambling. You are not alone, and it is never too late.

Gamblers help was the best thing in my life I ever did. And for anyone that read my story thank you :)