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Jay's story

I was 21 when I first started sports betting. I am 35 now and I have not gambled since January 1st 2016, It will be close to 2 years. 2 years would be the first and biggest break from gambling in my life.

I have lost that urge to gamble. It is possible. I still read stories now as I did when it was really bad, I feel it still helps. The worst thing about gambling addiction for me was that I kept it a secret from everyone. An embarrassing guilty pleasure.

In a sense with sports betting, it tricks you into thinking that you can find the cheat code to riches and wealth. The key is being the smartest person out there and predicting the winning bet. Every time and then validating that sense of achievement over and over again. At my worst I would drop $1000 on a bet on the odds on favourite to see that team get beaten by a shocking upset. Unfortunately the odds on favourite would more often than not get upset.

Over the years I would have spent at least two thirds of my annual taxable income on gambling. 13 years I’m guessing close to $250,000.

I made a bet on the first day of the new year in 2016. January 1st, I told myself that if I lost on an easily memorable day then I would quit gambling forever. Look at what my life had become. Instead of celebrating a gorgeous sunny New Year’s Day with friends/family I’m sitting in a leagues club, stressing out from the rush of placing the majority of my meagre fortnightly income on an NBA game.

I placed $600 on Draymond Green from the Golden State Warriors to score over 25 points in a game where two of the best players on the team were out. Green only scored 10 points but had 18 assists something crazy like that. I thank Draymond Green for losing my bet and I haven’t gambled since.