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Johan's story

Gambling had totally screwed my life up. I couldn’t sleep at night having a big burden on my shoulders. It all started in my late teens. I was in college and broke. People in my college were all big shots who wore Gucci, LV, and Armani. I was too carried away by this fancy world and I wanted to wear the same clothes to look rich. My parents couldn’t afford those since we were from a middle-income family, then I came across football betting! I loved watching football. I made decent money in the beginning, but I wasn’t disciplined and was very bad at money management. My greed was also one of the reasons for me to go broke. I was depressed and confessed it to my parents. They were angry at the beginning but later comforted me and told me the truth about gambling. 

Gambling was just false hope. I was a smoker and a drunkard, and I was put in rehab. I got better and my parents paid my debts. I felt bad as it was my dad's hard-earned money - washed away just like that. My life was a mess, I lost my girlfriend and my friends left me because I had no cash. I was left all alone. I worked as a salesman in an electronic shop and earned a few pennies. I felt like betting again but made my mind up and didn’t gamble. I was 22 then, I ate street food, wore basic clothes. Later I trained and worked to be a mechanic, I learnt lots of things about the hardware. Later my dad loaned me some of his life savings. I started a hardware mechanical shop in a small place, it was going well, and I was stable by 25 - got married, my wife was a nurse, my business was going on well. I worked hard for it. 

Finally, I saw good success at the age of 32. I am father of two, Lia and Len. My son was around six years old then, I was driving my Honda car and had stable income. In three years, I had new offers from high profiled business partners and I expanded my business. By 35, I owned my first Mercedes - my dad cried with joy - I bought new sites and buildings, and I got significantly richer by 36. I never thought this day would come, my son drives a Maserati to college and gives his friends Gucci and LV gifts. I am so happy now. 

Don’t gamble my dear friends, it’s a false hope. Instead, work hard and hustle. All the best.