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Jordan's story

I’ve been gambling since I was 15. Mainly online, I started off pretty good - I’d deposit $10-$20 and see a nice profit of $120 or so. But then I discovered live blackjack and started betting ridiculous amounts - I don't know what it was, for me doubling down in the span of a minute at a time was a no brainer and got me into serious trouble.

I remember one night recently, I’d been off gambling for two to three months, however because of COVID-19 I wasn’t getting anything from the government: no universal credit, nothing.

So, I decided to get back into online gaming/gambling, I deposited $4500 and I got up to $9000. I tried to withdraw it, but the urge was too much.

It wasn’t enough for me so I reversed the withdraw (which you can’t do now thankfully) and lost the whole lot in 30 minutes - half an hour before I had to get into work. I had to phone my boss telling him I couldn’t make it into work today because I didn’t have the funds to pay for petrol.

Despite sharing my story, I’ve stolen on a lot of occasions and it’s split me and half my family up. Half of my family don’t want me in their lives, for me gambling should be illegal.

Or at the very least, max stakes at $2 on everything. If you have taken the time to read this, I wish you the very best of luck in your recovery and just remember it’s never too late to start enjoying life.