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Kirsten's story

My husband and I have been married for almost nine years. I’ve noticed a shift in my husband's behaviour for about a year now, I took it as him being stressed. However, when I was out Friday, treating myself to some essential clothes and that, I got a call from our property manager. We owed $2,500 in rent. I was shocked!

My husband has full access to three lots of pay, mine, his and my brother-in-law's. I rang and messaged asking him, but he didn't respond.

At 5pm he still wasn't answering any of our calls or texts and he ended up coming home around 10pm. He didn't acknowledge any of us. Yesterday he spent all day in bed. Around 4pm I went in and asked him what was going on?

“I'm gambling again.” he replied.

About four years ago, he was gambling over $10,000. I supported him, and said you need to slow down and stop, we have a daughter. This time it's worse, he has been lying to me for months, saying he’s working, when in fact he was gambling. We are easily almost $50,000 in debt.

Last time I threatened to take our daughter and leave if he didn't slow down and get help. This time, he admitted, his feelings of being greedy and not caring about anything else but the money. I called his friends, one of them being his boss of five years who is helping us to pay everything back. I have taken the company name myself, and the stress and burden of organising our wages and bills.

My husband has agreed to get help, so I called the gambling hotline for him, taken his cards and have agreed to give him $20-30 for food per week; while he's driving in the truck. It is still very fresh, I feel hurt and betrayed, being lied to for months now. Family members have suggested I leave, and make him clean up his own mess, but I love him and am willing to try and help and put the proper supports in place to help him.