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Kurtis's story

I started gambling on my 18th birthday. I started with a few $1 and $2 bets on 300/1s that are never gonna come in. The day one did is the day it spiralled out of control.

I got to the stage where I was thinking if I put more money on I’ll win more but you also lose a lot more!

I remember Arsenal playing and I pumped 100 on over 0.5 goals at ¼ time and it came in. After that it got worse and worse.

2 years on and I’ve just stopped because it’s ruined my mental health and my bank accounts. I have a loan debt I’m currently paying off. I tried stopping in April 2019 but I just kept lying to everyone and just waking up at stupid o clock to watch overseas sports.

I know I haven’t been sensible, but 2020 is my year and I will finish 2020 debt free and able to do stuff I enjoy!

My advice is to spend time with the people you love and do stuff that stops you from gambling. Go to the gym, play football, anything that stops you have the urge to bet. Don’t get me wrong I still sometimes have piece of me that wants to, but I’m banned off every site. My mates know about my addiction and they help. I used to use their accounts but now no one lets me use their accounts.

Onwards and upwards.