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Lee's story

It all started at the age of 16. I used to jump the smoker's section at the casino to get in to play the pokies.

I am now 27 living with full of regret. I’ve always chased my losses no matter what. It even got to the point where I've trained my mind to think that I was saving with the casino and they will eventually give all my money back once I’ve reached the savings goal. But what a big lie that is.

I’ve had some big wins - like 30k in the casino. But Recently during COVID19 I won 25k and blew it all. On top of that, I have spent nearly 50k of my savings online gambling. I have no money left and I feel like the scum of the earth. I have no value for money whatsoever.

Online gambling casino should be banned in Australia. Since the age of 16, I’ve easily blown 300k on gambling with all the good jobs I’ve had. Luckily, I have just picked up a full-time job to regain some of this money back.

Do not gamble. I promise it will ruin your mental health and life. The only way to make money is to work and do it all honestly. I have cancelled all my bank cards and if I do need money, I will just use a cash code. Hopefully, this works for me. I’m over feeling terrible. I’m still 27 and have a whole life ahead of me wish me luck!!