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Maria's story

My gambling started 14 years ago. I had an extremely stressful job and found relief in wagering on slots. The biggest loss was about $6500 in a two-day stay at a casino 'resort' at some point.

I have no clue how much I lost in all the years but it had to be $80,000 or more. I always talked myself into coming back. 'Oh, well, buffet is good, I cannot miss that concert, I just need to relax, I love to be around the ocean, I gotta go to the hot tub...' The obsession and preoccupation with slot free play, offers, premier lounge, 'freebies', slot tournaments, casino 'gifts'. This obsession robbed me of my joy, happiness, and my life.

Sometimes I would just research neighbourhood casinos and spend hours learning about them from their websites, then reading reviews, and trying to plan vacations including casino stays. Even skipping meals just to watch big slot wins on YouTube.

Horrible, miserable life, I felt that darkness surrounded me and there was no way out. I chose to stop going!

My Christian faith gives me strength to stay away from casinos. Please give it a try, I know what a struggle it is, keep trying, do not let darkness win. If we keep going to casinos we risk losing our life savings, sanity, life, freedom, health, job, family, house, respect...

Stay strong! We can stay bet free!