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Mary's story

I gambled since I turned 18 in 1992
And stopped November 2013
I was an addict. Nothing mattered while I was pushing my notes in because I enjoyed the free spins
When you walk out empty-handed
You say I will win next time
I am 100% cured now since 2013
When I was a addict I would crave to play the pokies whenever
Now I just don't have a desire or think of going near it
I believe I'm cured
You don't read stuff like me but it's true though
Just set yourself free
Buy clothes, shoes, homeware etc
Go to a nice restaurant
Look after your family and yourself
Put a lotto on
Shove the pokies
Don't make them rich
Make yourself rich by not playing it
I hate the old me when I was an addict
I was selfish to myself and family
Now I just live a normal life
Just thinking about my past
What a hurtful ugly life