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Nat's story

For me it all started at the age of 12. When my family went on holidays, I would always go to the fruit machine in the arcades to see how far I could push my pocket money (which would be about £10). Over the few years I purchased a poker set and played poker with a few friends, then as soon as I was in college, at the legal age of 16 to purchase scratch cards, I would spend all my allowance on them; risking my meals for the week. Sometimes I would win £5 to £120.

I realised I was having a bit of an issue and just stopped buying them.

Then two years ago, at 23, the casino opened and it completely transformed me into an addict. Just working next door, I would spend a week's wage in two hours after my shift, living off an overdraft of £250. As soon as payday came, I would waste it all on roulette and slots. I was chasing all my losses that were probably in the thousands. I just couldn't stop as all my colleagues would go in after a shift for a little dabble. I allowed it to become my life. It was my last win of £80 from putting in £200 so £120 down, and my colleague asked how much I was putting in this casino. I was honest and he said to ban yourself, so I did and I never look back after that decision. I'm so glad I noticed the road I was on - if I didn't I know, I would be getting credit cards and using them purely for gambling.