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Nincumpoop's story

As a younger person, The Melbourne cup was my first introduction to gambling, for most of my life I would only bet on the horses and generally to a limited amount so it was not a major problem, although I was a regular punter, not a weekend would go by without having a bet, but it did not interfere with my lifestyle.

Due to my inferior personality growing up I turned to alcohol as a form of medication, hence I followed the destructive path of an alcoholic, it led me on a course of self destruction, until I was 30 years of age when I had reached the bottom rung of my ladder and decided to seek help, through A.A. my sobriety was intermittent with relapses and drinking low alcohol beer etc, but my mind was not right, I did not follow the true steps of A.A. to be able to truly recover from it.

At the age of 64, I decided to quit drinking once and for all, I was successful and have not had a drink since, so have been sober for nearly 9 years.

I also lost my wife to cancer which left an incredible void, which is still with me today although not as intense.

But what I did was switch my addictive pattern to poker machines and they been a severe problem for the last 5 years, obviously I have never properly dealt with my inner soul regarding my addictive nature, so today at age 72 I am seeking help and attempting to rid gambling from my life, there is only one person who can do this ... me ... but there is much help out there and the 100 Day Challenge is a great way, although I failed day 1, I hope the coming 99 will be better.

Today was day 1, I failed, the nagging impulses got the better of me late in the day, all the familiar stingers ... only $50, about time I won, of course I didn't and of course I lost more than the initial $50, it is always the same scenario for me, I may go 3–4 days, but then the urge takes over my thinking, I hate the poker machines and what they do but like most of us, the thrill of the win is what gets us, I will just start again, I do need stronger will power, as own your own it is so easy to give in.