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Nita's story

My gambling started really early in my life. My mom showed me how to play pitty pat for money. We would have card games that lasted all night. I would be the one to cut $1 from each hand, meaning the person that is giving the card game take $1 for the house every hand and by the end of the card game we would have at least $1,000 dollars. Good old days ($).

Now I wish that I had never been introduced to gambling. I don't gamble everyday or even three times a week, but when I do go I lose everything. I don't know how to walk out with money in my pocket. I watch others win and think I am going to win too. I feel awful afterwards and start screaming when I get into my car.

Over the week I have lost over $500 dollars at the casino and the side store front slot machines. It really sickens me afterwards. I have not lost a house, a car or anything like that, But I feel if I don't find another hobby, I'm headed for destruction. I go with the intent to spend about $50–100. I start playing and may win a few dollars and all of a sudden I am on my last $20. I get anxious, jittery and so angry at myself for ever going in the first place. How do you stop getting the urge to go. There are so many slot machines in my area and its really hard not to go into one. I am looking for help in the group before I dig a ditch that I can't get out of.