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Paul's story

I was a problem gambler when I was 22. It all started from 50c bets, I was actually responsible and used to cash out $50 when I won. This led me to placing bigger bets ($5) to make more money, or so I thought. Every day after university, I played the pokies as I was bored. I was there for hours, sometimes 4 hours in a single session, from 8pm after class to midnight playing the stupid machine. I remember winning $3,000, feeling over the moon and I went back to the same place and got rid of it.

Fast forward two years, at 23 I got a full time job in sales. After work, I played max bet on pokies and blew my weekly pay in one night. Cried every time and thought my life is over. I had next to nothing and felt horrible. Now I have $100k to my name at 25, having quit the machines and living frugally to make up for it. You will never win and once you say you are done, you are done – there is no going back, I pretended there was a barrier between the machine room and reality.