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Rafael's story

I never bet in my life. My brother took money from me when we were kids to gamble. He made me very angry. I never visited a casino or played the lottery. 

Then in 2018 when I was 36 years old, a friend showed me an online casino. I found it very attractive. real people dealing cards and throwing the roulette ball. 

After playing once I couldn't quit. As of today, I have lost 248k US dollars. 94% of my lifetime earnings. I don't have a car, or a house and my girlfriend dumped me for my addition to the game. 

I've lost everything trying to make up for the losses. I don't want to win more; I just want my money back. But I know that every time I play, I lose more and more. I am mad at myself because I throw away all the money I have earned. I feel like the king of the stupid.