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Remy's story

It all started four months ago, just six months after turning 18 when I first downloaded a sports betting app and deposited $20 into my account. I lost that $20 and decided to deposit another $20 and from there everything I lost I would just chase. I would often win and then just spend my balance down to nothing.

I had around $15,000 in savings and stole around $7,000 worth of items. I have used all that and I currently have $700 to my name.

This gambling addiction has given me depression and has led me to often have suicidal thoughts (around four of them and came very close on two occasions).

I was lucky enough for my parents to catch me and they sat me down and I told them everything. It was the most heartbreaking and embarrassing moment of my life. However, they were so supportive, they took me to the mental health clinic at the hospital. From there they have booked counsellor meetings and have taken control of my account and all my income.

I was extremely lucky that they have found out now. I owe them a lot and I will make it up to them when I find my feet again. I love them so much and I would never do anything silly to let them down.

Moral of the story is don’t be afraid to tell someone about your addiction and please speak out. Gambling can be treated and it is just training your brain to avoid the temptation. Your parents or friends may be disappointed at first but will forever be thankful for letting them know.

I am now eight days without a gamble and after my parents found out three days ago, I’m just so happy that it’s off my chest and they are now able to help me.