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Rene's story

When my husband had terminal cancer, I had the odd online bingo game. It was never a problem but when he died, it spiralled out of control. I used all of the money he left me, and took out an equity release on my home to fund my gambling. I sought help; I went to Gamblers Anonymous but I can’t forgive myself for the grief it caused my son and daughter.

They didn’t want my money but they were devastated by what I did. I’ve been gambling-free for a year now but will always be ashamed of what I did. With the help of GA I got through it, but can’t forgive myself for wasting my husband’s legacy and find it so hard to put it all behind me. I was grieving, not in a good place and I can’t explain even now why I did it.

Please get help. I did and will continue to do so.