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Romi's story

I was the kind of person who used to tell others not to gamble. I never borrowed money from someone, never got into debt, paid bills on the day of receiving it. But that was until I started gambling.

I started playing with $20 just for fun and made $300 the first time. Then when I started betting big. And I played really, really big. It’s not like I am a rich person or anything, I am just a part-time working student who worked really hard and wasted money and time on gambling.

One thing I can say is that I developed a problem because I was winning a lot. I remember playing with $5 dollars and making $900, playing with $15 making $1800. But I never understand where or when to stop. I won $5k in a day, then $10k in a day but never stopped. I always wanted more and more.

When I start for the day I had a wish of making, let’s say $2000. When I won that, then I wanted to win more and if I lost, I wanted to cover the loss. Even when I was winning I wasn’t able to sleep at night, thinking today is my day, let’s play more.

This all has been happening for the last 3 years. I won a lot, but I lost a lot lot more. I started borrowing money from my friends and repaying them on time, but suddenly it started to get worse. I wasn’t able to manage my borrowings and bills. I wasted my 2 years of life gambling. I worked really hard and gambled it all. Gambling is no fun, there’s plenty of other things to enjoy. I would say one should never try it. Never never. I'm still trying to figure out how to get rid of it. I just wish I had never tried it, things would have been a lot better.