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Sarah's story

I would like to share a first-hand experience with you and I know that you will not judge me for it.

A couple of years ago a so-called friend introduced me to gambling on the pokies. Over the years, my gambling seemed to be my best friend in need, my companion for my lonely times, my refuge for my sadness, my fun and thrill for my boredom, and over and above all ..... my most dreaded demon!

It was ruining my life, my morale, my dignity and was taking away not only my time and money, but my sense of self-worth and my loved ones as well. If I won, I would go back to win more and if I lost, I would go back chasing my losses only to lose more. I hated myself for it. I thought I am probably a pathological gambler and it was in my genes. 

I tried a helpline only to fail. I read many articles and posts on the internet about it and watched so many videos desperately looking for help. But at the first sight of a "Pokies" sign and a couple of dollars in my pocket, my heart would pound harder and faster and nothing could stop me from sitting in front of the machine... followed by a couple of trips to the ATM. 😔🙁  I would go home sick in my tummy and waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety. 

Until a miracle happened and somehow, I came across a book/audiobook by Allen Carr, called "The Easy Way to Stop Gambling". As I was listening to the book, I became more and more excited to listen more and to go on to the end. When the book finished, so did my desire to gamble! I became a non-gambler! I became free! I let go of all my losses and started fresh! 

I convinced myself that all the tens of thousands of dollars of money that I had lost so far was money that I had spent on an accident or a highly expensive medical treatment for a fatal disease I had. So, I can start over again I simply let go of my losses. Flushed it down the toilet, you can say. My past losses didn't matter anymore.

After reading Allen Carr's book, my whole life changed. The first couple of nights, I would still wake up in the middle of the night sick in my tummy but then I would comfort myself, saying "It's okay. It's all history now. You are here and your money is safe, and you haven't wasted any of it today... so go back to sleep and be happy!" 

Now the horrible feelings are gone, and I sleep peacefully all through the night with a smile on my face. Slowly but gradually, I've started paying off my debts and putting a little bit away for rainy days. My bank balance is growing slowly but surely. 😊

I am now not ashamed to let everyone know. Especially if there is a small chance that they may know someone tackling the same issue. I even called my bank and asked them to block my debit card and credit card from being used at gambling venues. They thanked me for my request and admired me for speaking out about my problem. They even put an interest-free period on my credit card to help me pay it off easier AND refunded all the fees they had put on it in that month.

So, my friend, please share my story with your loved ones and anyone else whom you believe might benefit from it. I want all gamblers to know that they are not alone and that they are not the only ones with this horrible addiction. All they have to do is to read Allen Carr's book 'The Easy Way to Stop Gambling' with an open mind and he will take care of the magic for them.

Wishing you light and love! 🙏💝