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Shane's story

So really I feel like my behaviours have been to insane to describe over the past year.

I’m 28 years old and I’ve been all about gambling since I was first introduced at around 12 years old.

I could describe the whole timeline of my gambling, but really I just have time to talk about the past year.

I read a lady’s story on here that rang oh so familiar. I blew my tax return of $1,600 and thought I was going to redeem myself with the stimulus.

At first I had a good start but then shortly blew that as well. At least I paid 2 weeks rent before I did. Now I’ve blown my last 2 pay checks of $600.

Maybe it’s my sick thinking but I feel that it’s only a problem while I’m losing. If I were to come up on $5,000 I’d be a winner.

I’m not seeking help, but something must have crept to my conscience for me to look up problem gambling stories. Prayers to all of you.