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Tarshe's story

My name is Tarshe. I have been battling with gambling addiction for the longest time. Been depressed more times than I can think of. None of my family members knows about this and as much as I should confide in them, I feel like they have so much to deal with and I'll just be adding more problems.

Well, I have a wife and a child. I feel like my financial ruin has affected every aspect of my life and my family. I don't know how to stop despite the many years of trying to. I had a good break around 2019-2020. Then I relapsed and since then I haven't gone a whole month without placing a bet. I ALWAYS lose but how I find myself back at it really astounds me.

I have huge debts and I do not have a clear plan of how I'll clear them, but I just know in one way or another I ought so seek help if I want to come out alive. I just hope someday I can live to tell my story and be a pillar of hope for someone who'd be going through the same. Gambling is a disease I'd never wish on anyone.