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Trent's story

Please don’t gamble the pain is just not worth it. This is my story...From a young age I have always been a big fan of sport and towards my late teens I started sneaking into the local betting agency and placing $5 multi-bets.

This was all a bit of fun until I finished high school and got a part time job at a supermarket. The full weight of the addiction hadn't set in yet, but it was close.

In my free time I would study form and all the teams because I thought if I did that I would have an edge over the bookies. But how wrong was I.

In 2012, I was 19 and met the love of my life. Everything was going so good in the beginning. That was until the losses started to add up and the debts started to rise. It is the most embarrassing feeling in the world never having any money when you’re out with your partner and trying to make them pay for stuff whilst your making up an excuse why you have no money.

In 2013 I thought..."f... it" I'm going to get a credit card so I can pay for outings and dates with it. It all went down after that. In a month’s time I had maxed out my 10k credit simply by withdrawing money from it.

I was placing $2000-$3000 bets trying to get it all back...but it wasn’t working and all the debts where getting higher and higher. I was also borrowing money from one of my mates who was lending me money, through all my lies why I needed the money so bad.

My ex-girlfriend never found out I was a gambler but she ended things in 2015 breaking my heart even more. The next week I filed for bankruptcy. I thought with this option I'd be able to take some of the stress off myself.

It did help by taking some of the stress off my mind, but it was more like putting a band-aid over it. The gambling was still there and more debts were still occurring.

I strongly believe that gambling is the worst addiction in this world as it takes everything from you and the people closest to you suffer the most. My parents knew I was gambling but there’s only so much they could do...I tried everything in 2016/2017...from the best psychologists in Melbourne and Australia but even they couldn’t help. It was almost like the addiction was getting worse.

Every time I would see money go into my account I would look up the form guide for the next race and deposit it. Yes, you do win sometimes and feel happy for a day or two, but then you lose it all and keep losing even more. It was even that bad that I was going through my parents’ wallets at night looking for more money I could use to bet.

I felt like the most horrible person in the world doing it but the gambling monster in my head had control of mind. When you’re a gambling addict lying sadly becomes so easy if you know you will get money. I could see that It was breaking my parents’ hearts but I couldn’t stop. It had a choke hold on credit score was trash because of all the short term loans I've had and defaulted on.

From the age of 19 to 27 gambling took away my life, took the love of my life away from me and made me feel like there was no hope. Until one day in March this year I managed to get a $1400 pw paying job.

After blowing my first four pay checks, I suddenly asked myself ‘What the f^&* am I doing?’ I'm making decent money here and could potentially save a lot and I'm just pissing it all out.

So on 11 March 2015 I permanently self-excluded myself from all online bookmaker sites and have not looked back since.

Right now every time I think of gambling I get really sad because I think of all the years gambling ruined my life. I think that I could potentially be married to the girl of my dreams if it wasn't for gambling. Right now I have savings in my account, I haven’t asked anyone for money in a while and I feel so much better about myself.

Please don’t start gambling because once you’re in it is so hard to get the gambling shackles off you.... right now I'm at over 3 months without a single bet and haven’t felt better! It's an addiction that will break even the strong people. Stay away from this toxic industry!