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Vicky's story

My husband has been betting for years and I knew this, but it is only recently that I knew exactly how much, so much more than I had thought. He had lied to me for over 10 years, hidden his salary and bank accounts. I felt like I was being cheated on, he was having an affair - with betting. I was always put second to his gambling.

As soon as I found out the extent of his gambling, I tried for over 18 months to get him help. He agreed at first and attended hypnotherapy for 3 sessions but returned to betting after a few months. This cycle continued for over 12 months. We are now separated, and he continues to lie to his family and friends about the extent of his gambling addiction. 

He has never wanted to go to counselling or attend Gambler's Help as he continues to feel he does not have a problem. This pattern is so typical of compulsive gamblers, they do not feel they are doing any harm to themselves or their families. Gambling ruins relationships, there is no doubt about this, but I am now free of the lies and being second to his betting and am now trying to get on with life - gambling free!