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Zoe's story

I've always gambled since I could remember. But my gambling became an addiction on 2019. I was pregnant with 1st daughter. My husband started hanging out with his single friends and would not come home until late 2-3am living me all by myself. I felt alone and miserable noone to talk too. I've tried to tell my husband my feelings and how I felt and he told me I was just jealous and I'm being controlling.

So one night, I was alone while my husband was with his friends. I decided to go to the casino to keep my mind from worrying where my husband is. After that night, all hell went loose. I started going to the casino was while my husband was at work. I would lie to my husband and tell him I was with my sister or my friends when in reality I was in the casino gambling.

I was lying left and right. Took out a bunch of loans from different banks to feed my gambling addiction. Withdraw all our savings, and then when my husband checked our bank statements. That's when I told him I've been gambling all our money. He was so upset, and he forgave me.

So I went to GA and talked to a counselor. I was clean for a year. Then, I had a fall out with my mother in law, triggered my gambling addiction. You see, I found out that my husband is been talking to a friend secretly for a long time and I tried to let him know. I tried to tell my husband and my in laws how I felt about that and they thought I was overreacting.

So where did I go to calm myself down, casino. I started going back to casino and back to gambling lost all the money, kept lying to my husband, drain all of my retirement money, and racked more loans from banks and credit cards. So one day, my husband noticed how I easily gets frustrated, and finally told him that what had happened and thar I have started gambling again.

He was furious and today we are in the process of divorcing, he took the house, the kids, and everything I own, which I understand. He also stated I ruin our kids future and his future. I am so selfish and angry at myself that I've gone this far. I am motivated to quit gambling and not ever set a foot in the casino.

It's only been 8 days since I have not gone to gamble. I hope to recover from this addiction if I want to have a future with my kids. They are still young but I want to prove to my kids that I can overcome this addiction without anyone's support but having believing myself that I can do it. If you're like me, alone and struggling by yourself, get help call GA or a counselor we can do this! Good luck! You're not alone.