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Why am I gambling?

Being aware of why you gamble can be very helpful if you want to change.

There are four main reasons why people gamble. They are social, financial, enhancement, and coping. Let’s have a look at some reasons why you gamble.

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Social reasons:

Gambling may be a form of recreation with friends or family or driven by your desire for social contact. You may benefit from other activities to share with family or friends. Or ask them to support your efforts to gamble less. You could also work towards developing new friendships.

Financial reasons:

You reported gambling as a way to win money. You may need to look at other ways of managing your money and dealing with your debts. Financial counsellors are also available to help you. Reviewing some of the myths around gambling may be helpful too.

Enhancement reasons:

If you like gambling because of the positive feelings you get when you gamble, like excitement and enjoyment. You may also gamble impulsively without worrying about the consequences. You may need to find new ways to feel good, as well as ways to avoid getting carried away by the fun of gambling.

Coping reasons:

You reported gambling as a way of coping with your feelings or other problems. Gambling may provide a short-term escape but will result in an increase in negative feelings in the long run. You may need to learn to manage negative feelings without gambling, learn to relax or unwind, or look for non-harmful activities to fill your time.