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Why am I gambling?

Being aware of the factors that affect your decision to gamble can be very helpful when you are planning to quit or cut down your gambling. When you know why you gamble, you can plan specific strategies for each reason.

Let’s have a look at some reasons why you gamble.

Do you gamble…

  • because it’s exciting
  • because it makes a social gathering more enjoyable
  • to forget your worries
  • because you enjoy thinking about what you would do if you won a jackpot
  • because you like the feeling
  • to be sociable
  • because it helps when you are feeling nervous or depressed
  • because winning would change your lifestyle
  • because it makes you feel good
  • because it’s what most of your friends do when you get together
  • to cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood
  • to win money
  • because it’s fun
  • because it’s something you do on special occasions
  • because you feel more self-confident or sure of yourself
  • to earn money