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Support during Coronavirus

The disruption to our regular lives and routines has caused us all a lot of stress.

Being home together all the time can place a great strain on relationships. We might look for comfort or escape through activities like online gambling.

Boredom or loneliness can also make us look for the same type of release.

For some of us not being able to go and play the pokies when we want can be stressful and leave us feeling anxious.

If you’re concerned about gambling urges or withdrawals, it’s important to know what you can do and where to turn for support. Clicking here will direct you to the various support options available to you.

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Learn about the risks of online gambling

If you’re feeling the urge to gamble online, you should know that online gambling can be risky. It is easy to lose large amounts of money very quickly, especially through credit card transactions.

Blocking access to gambling sites

You can download apps for your computer and phone that will block access to gambling sites.

Some banks and other financial institutions allow you to block gambling transactions on your credit and debit cards.

Find out more about self-exclusion.

Managing your money

Now can be a good time to take stock of how you spend your money and learning more about money management will give you a greater sense of control.

If you are under financial strain, you can talk to our financial counsellors for free. They can help you make a plan to get back on track.

Find out more about money management and our financial counselling services.

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing

If you’re feeling stressed, talking to someone can be a great way to relieve the pressure. It can also help you to change your thinking and perspective.

You can speak to a professional over the phone, via online chat or on video chat.

Call 1800 858 858 any time of the day or night to book in for a free, confidential session.


You are not alone

There are lots of people who can relate to what you are going through.

Our Peer Connection program can match you with a suitable volunteer for regular, confidential phone support. They will share their gambling experiences with you, including how they have overcome gambling and support you to do the same.

If you prefer online communities, you can join the thousands who have taken up the 100 Day Challenge.

Or check out these Personal Stories by people who have overcome, or are dealing with, the effects of harm from gambling. We hope you will find comfort, strength and encouragement in them.