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Why should I call?

Every year we help thousands of people control their gambling.​

All Gambler’s Help services are 100% free.

We’ll change how you think about gambling. ​

How it effects you. How addictive it can be. ​

How you can cut down or quit for good. ​

Talk to someone who gets it.

Call 1800 858 858 – 24/7 for immediate support or to book a free and confidential session.

Why not let us call you. It’s free and confidential. Request a call back now.

“I’m glad I took the first step”

Len, 29

“It was such a relief to get it of my chest"

Dave, 32

The pokies got a hold on me. When I called they understood how I felt

Leonie, 66

“The counsellor had my back and they made me feel worthy”

Brandon, 43

Gambler’s Help counselling – what’s involved?​ ​

Not sure you need help?

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Gambling calculator

Ever wondered how much time and money you spend on gambling? Or how you compare to other Australians? This calculator will give you an overview of how gambling affects your life over a year.

Try the Gambling calculator
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Gambling Support Services

We support people with gambling harm, family and friends close to them, and those wanting to cut back on gambling. Call for free gambling support services.

Other ways to find support
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Help in languages other than English

At Gambler's Help, we provide free and confidential support in a range of languages other than English. Call 1800 858 858 and we can arrange an interpreter.

Help in other languages

Personal stories

Watch or read real life stories of people who opened up and talked about the harm they were experiencing and got the support they needed.

Watch or read real life stories

*Based on 2019–20 Gambler's Help Objective Outcomes data where 95% of clients who set an objective of ‘Emotional and/or Psychological’ felt they had ‘met’ or ‘partially met’ their objective at case closure.